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Clean Internet



What is Clean Internet?

Clean Internet software is designed to help protect families, schools, churches, and businesses. We believe that the internet is a tool that can be used for good or evil. Our goal is to make it safe for your family, school, church, and business to use the internet for good and to filter out the evil that permeates the internet today. We strive to protect you and yours from dangers both seen and hidden. Protect yourself today!


Compatible with Windows 10,Windows 8,Windows 7,and Windows Vista.

Also Compatible with Android Phones and Tablets and iPhones.

Clean Internet
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Android OS

Clean Internet Filtering Available Policies

Blocking Categories

Adults Only

Material labeled by its author or publisher as being strictly for adults. (Examples:"Adults only", "You must be 18 to visit this site", "Registration is allowed only for people 18 or older", "You must be of legal drinking age to visit this site").


Bodily functions. Tasteless humor. Graphic medical photos. Some extreme forms of body modification (cutting, branding, piercing).


Crude, vulgar, or obscene language or gestures.


Nakedness. enough said. (See also Swimsuits, Lingerie, Sex, Pornography)

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“I have tested many internet filters and found them lacking. Most don’t block worth a hill of beans and the one that did was so slow and hard to get things unblocked it was worthless. I tried all day to disable your filter but couldn’t. I don’t know how you guys have done it or why the other can’t but I thank God for you.”

James Koehn

“Yes the setup was easy, and thank you very much for providing this much needed service. It will be so much easier to web surf without worrying about pulling up garbage. Thanks again!”

Bill Center

“Yes, both Firefox and Internet Explorer are filtered. Now we can feel safer knowing that we won’t accidentally encounter pornography on the web. Thank you for your efforts in serving our Lord.”

Robert Simpson