Clean Internet


Helping you protect your family's future

Clean Internet Web Filtering Service controls what goes in and out of your home/office and library/school over the Internet.

We all want to do our best to keep our homes, libraries and schools from harmful activity online. Whether it's a deliberate attempt to view material, or an innocent search term that brings up questionable material, Clean Internet is a safe search tool designed to help make sure that doesn't happen.

Our Web Filtering Service enables you to control what family members are browsing and the types of files being downloaded. It also stops dangerous viruses from invading your computers due to Internet browsing.

Our state-of-the-art central Web filtering service provides you with:

Protecting Your Family Online

  • Real-time updates to the latest threats
  • Filter (block), pornography and access to inappropriate Websites
  • Safety & security knowing the filter cannot be bypassed
  • Monitoring of all Web activities
  • Simplicity of installation & use
  • Value, an affordable service
  • Flexibility, yet uncompromising schoolwork adaptable
  • Reliability, a service you can trust

Clean Internet stops pornography and other inappropriate materials and Websites from being viewed or accessed accidently or intentionally.

Clean Internet is Safe and Secure because it cannot be bypassed or removed without primary authorization and then only by a Clean Internet Technician.

Clean Internet provides Internet monitoring to allow the assigned authority access to all the web activities of those they wish to observe.

Clean Internet is simple to purchase and install. Simply “click” on the “Sign Up Now” button, fill out the form, Download and install. The Clean Internet icon will appear in your Start Bar to assure you Clean Internet is on duty. It's that simple.

Clean Internet costs just pennies a day, which is a very small investment for your Internet Web security, not to mention your peace of mind.

Clean Internet provides the protection needed, without the restrictions. The Internet has provided a whole new gateway to knowledge and discovery and can be an excellent learning resource for children. But, while a number of websites and games cater to children, there are many other sites that present content that is inappropriate and even harmful to younger Internet users. Clean Internet stops the inappropriate sites from being viewed while allowing access to the needed research information.

Clean Internet is on duty 24/7 and is continually on guard patrolling the Internet for the latest inappropriate sites. Our State-of-the-art technology is continually updated to accurately track inappropriate Internet activity. With over 20 years experience your Clean Internet team has been providing this high quality cost efficient solution for all your Internet security needs.

Clean Internet Filtering Available Policies

Blocking Categories

Adults Only

Material labeled by its author or publisher as being strictly for adults. (Examples:"Adults only", "You must be 18 to visit this site", "Registration is allowed only for people 18 or older", "You must be of legal drinking age to visit this site").


Bodily functions. Tasteless humor. Graphic medical photos. Some extreme forms of body modification (cutting, branding, piercing).


Crude, vulgar, or obscene language or gestures.


Nakedness. enough said. (See also Swimsuits, Lingerie, Sex, Pornography)


Models in lingerie (except those that qualify for Nudity).


Models in swimwear, especially fashion swimwear photos.


Personal advertisements, including "mail-order brides." (See also "Adults Only.")


Advocating, promoting, or giving advice on carrying out acts widely considered illegal. This includes lock-picking, bomb-making, fraud, breaching computer security ("hacking"), phone service theft ("phreaking"), pirated software archives, or evading law enforcement.


Graphic images or written descriptions of wanton violence or grave injury (mutilation, maiming, dismemberment, etc.) Includes graphically violent games.


Chat sites, services that allow short messages to be sent to others immediately in real time. Downloadable chat software. (See also Moderated)


Advocating or promoting recreational use of tobacco. (See also "Adults Only.")

Free Page Websites

Sites where home page space is offered for free. These sites historically have done nothing to prevent abuse of their services by users who post offensive content under multiple names, making them difficult to track. We will review individual pages on request, and unblock good sites as necessary. Many good sites are already unblocked.


Gambling services, or information relevant primarily to gambling.

Suicide / Murder

Information on committing murder or suicide.


Advocating or promoting recreational use of alcohol. (See also "Adults Only.")


Advocating or promoting recreational use of any controlled substance. (Also see Illegal)

Exception Categories

Moderated: A "Message/Bulletin Board" or "Chat" site that prevents offensive material from being posted.